David Pritchard

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4541 North Marlborough Drive, Shorewood, WI, United States

Helping effective change makers in the nonprofit, private, and public sectors assess and increase their social impact.

Organizations in every sector are increasingly being asked to demonstrate their social impact. Nonprofits, social enterprises, foundations, government bodies, and private businesses, are under pressure to demonstrate the social value they create.

Organizations also seek to increase their social impact but find it hard without a good understanding of the current baseline.

Measuring and reporting social impact or value in a way that is both credible and cost-effective is not straightforward. There are no rules equivalent to accounting standards to follow. Instead there are many questions: What types of impact to measure? What data to use? How to analyse the data? How to use the results to increase performance? How much does it cost to create credible results? How to present results to funders, investors, and stakeholders?

David helps organizations and their funders answer these questions efficiently yet authentically so they can understand the impact they have, how to increase and report it.